INTRODUCTION:  As a result of requests by students and practitioners all over the world we have agreed to open a shopping page where you can purchase educational material and aids to help you in assisting your clients be they horse, human or dog.  Some of the items are only for sale to the relative students of ET due the impossibility of learning the ‘Touch and the Move’ without hands on training and the danger of working with a horse without adequate safety training.  However other products are available for the general public.

CD Cover


Available to Equine Touch students only, this all new professionally produced DVD takes the novice through the entire stages of Level 1:  Introduction to the horse, the placing of the ‘ET Mark’, Safety Procedures, Basic Body Balancing, as well as the areas of concern from the forequarter to the TMJ.  With superimposed close-ups of Jock’s hands and body positioning this is the ideal home learning and clinic support for all students no matter what level.

Cost: USA, AUSTRALIA, NZ $25.00 plus $4 P & P.

Cost: UK £16.50 plus £2.50 P&P

CD 2


Available to Equine Touch Level 2 and 3 students only, for the first time this new professionally produced DVD takes the advanced  student through the entire stages of Level 2:  The reasons for and correct performance of Advanced Body Balancing, as well as the advanced areas of areas of concern used to address the head, neck, shoulders, abdominal as well as pelvic and sacrum. With superimposed close-ups and overlays this is the ideal support for all students level 2 upwards.

Cost: USA, AUSTRALIA, NZ $25.00 plus $4 P & P.

Cost: UK £16.50  plus £2.50 P&P

CD 3


As a result of numerous requests by Equine Touch Students as well as students of the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique© not to mention Bowen students throughout the world Jock has at last agreed to film the entire foundation clinic of VHT.  In this DVD Jock demonstrates all the moves, hand positions and body breath flow as he balances an entire body at the ETF headquarters in San Marcos, Texas.  This DVD is available to the general public and an instruction manual is at present being prepared for future release.

Cost: USA, AUSTRALIA, NZ $45.00 plus $4 P & P.

Cost: UK £25.00  plus £2.50 P&P

CD 4


Available to the general public, this DVD of Ivana performing the Canine Touch©  has long been eagerly awaited by dog lovers and ET students who have found her unique Canine Technique.  The reasons for and correct performance of the unique moves as well, as well as how where and when to use them.  A beautiful DVD, filmed in Texas, the Canine Touch is the ultimate gift for your dog, no matter what the age or the condition.  At present a book length manual is being prepared for later release later this year.  Watch this space.

Cost: USA, AUSTRALIA, NZ $45.00 plus $4 P & P.

Cost: UK £25.00  plus £2.50 P&P

CD 5


Although specifically designed in the main for Equine Touch Students and Practitioners, this well researched and beautifully presented book has been eagerly adopted by Vets, equine masseurs, users of equine acupressure as well as bowen equine therapists as a manual which cuts through all the mysticism, hype and cult beliefs which surrounds so many of the available books on Chinese or Japanese traditional medicine currently on the market.  Each meridian and its relevant points are laid out in every day language as well as the reasons for the specific address of. As one acupuncture practicing veterinarian in USA stated “ I never leave home without it.”

Cost: USA, AUSTRALIA, NZ $35.00 plus $6 P & P.

Cost: UK £25.00  plus £4.00 P&P


Alas at the present moment we are staying in the ‘stone age’ as far as ordering product from us.  Due to the fact that we are on the road all the time and our office as such travels with us.

To purchase DVD’s in the UK – ask you ET/CT instructor.

For purchasing books and DVD’s in USA contact USA NCC.

We also unfortunately at this time will not be using a credit card system, asking instead that you print out the PDF order form below, enclose a cheque or money order made out to the Equine Touch Foundation Inc. for the goods you wish to purchase.

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